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See What Parents Have To Say About RBCS!

Parent Testimonial #1

I am a parent of three children enrolled at RBCS. Specifically, my daughter is currently
in 5th grade, while I have twin boys attending 3rd grade. The decision to enroll my
children in RBCS stemmed from conversations with numerous Red Bank families
regarding their educational experiences. After thorough discussions with both parents
and students, I opted to enter the RBCS lottery due to the appealing tight-knit
community it offers. Moreover, knowing that many graduates have excelled
academically at Red Bank Regional High School and beyond further solidified my

Each of my children possesses unique strengths and faces individual challenges. I've
found the school to be remarkably accommodating when it comes to addressing their
needs. One of my children has been receiving physical therapy and occupational
therapy services since preschool, while another required an Individualized Education
Program (IEP) in first grade to provide additional support in math and reading.
Witnessing the progress in both their academic performance and confidence has been
immensely gratifying. I appreciate the personalized attention and support that a smaller
educational setting like RBCS can provide.

Furthermore, I value the school's emphasis on character education, evident through
initiatives such as the Charter Champion awards, which recognize students for
embodying monthly character traits such as Friendship, Citizenship/Service, and
Acceptance/Fairness. My children also actively participate in extracurricular activities
such as clubs and collaboration with Lakehouse Music Academy, supported by the
Asbury Park Music Foundation. Last year, my daughter participated in the school
musical and was thrilled to sign up again this year. Additionally, now that she's in 5th
grade, she couldn't contain her excitement about joining both the school soccer and
basketball teams. My boys are equally eager to participate in these activities as they
grow older.

Overall, I am pleased with how RBCS has nurtured my children academically,
physically, and emotionally. They genuinely enjoy their educational experience, and their
happiness is a testament to the supportive environment provided by RBCS.

Parent Testimonial #2

I am a parent of an 11-year-old girl now in 5th grade. We are filled with a sense of
warmth and gratitude. Returning to my hometown of Red Bank with my daughter, I was
eager to find a school that aligned with our values and principles. From the moment we
stepped foot into RBCS, Dr. Kristen Martello, the principal, welcomed us with open arms
and made us feel like part of the community.

As my daughter settled into her new school, I was impressed by the dedication of the
teachers and staff. Mr. Stevenson, the music teacher, encouraged her to explore her
passion for music and performance, and she eagerly joined the school musical. Her
experience in sports, including cross country and basketball, was also incredibly positive, with coaches and teammates alike fostering a supportive and inclusive

As I became increasingly involved in the school community, I was honored to become
President of the CCO. Working closely with Dr. Martello and school staff, I have been
continually impressed by their commitment to creating a nurturing and inclusive
atmosphere. From school events to parent-teacher conferences, every interaction has
been met with kindness, empathy, and a genuine interest in the well-being of every

RBCS truly embodies the spirit of community and excellence in education. I am grateful
for being a part of this school and look forward to continuing to work together to provide
an exceptional educational experience for all students.