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Why Choose RBCS?

The Red Bank Charter School is a Pre K-8 public school serving 200 Red Bank children. A lottery is held each year in January for openings in Pre-Kindergarten and for the waiting lists in grades Pre K-8. Interested Red Bank families need to complete an application to qualify for an opening. No other criteria are required for admission.

At RBCS, we hold high expectations for each student’s academic performance. Classes are small with 20 diverse students in each grade. There is one class of each grade level and each is taught by a teacher and adjunct teaching team. Our innovative, progressive instructional model ensures that every student receives high individual support.

Our innovative, progressive instructional model ensures that every student receives high individual support. Instruction is differentiated and interspersed with real world applications to motivate and challenge all children to flourish. The instructional program includes full services in special education, basic skills, ESL, accelerated challenge classes and after-school study tutorial support. Committed to the development of the whole child, we sponsor 14 different clubs, and participate in the NJ Shore League in girls and boys basketball, baseball, softball and soccer.

Our curriculum is based on the Common Core Curriculum Standards in all seven content areas. A fully equipped laboratory supports our inquiry-based science program. Our Technology Lab is current and our computer inventory includes Chromebooks for grades 4-8. Each classroom also has at least two laptops  to support instruction. To address all the multiple intelligences, our students participate in STEAM, art, music, dance and drama. Character Education, with emphasis on respect and cooperation, serves as the lynchpin for our school culture. It is strongly emphasized and integrated throughout the curriculum, and is modeled by all adults.

One of the goals of RBCS is to use the rich resources of the community of Red Bank to extend the curriculum beyond the classroom walls. Community partners include the YMCA for swimming, the Red Bank Armory skating rink, and a local dance studio. Over 20 other community partners form a broad network of agencies where the children do service as part of our required Service Learning program. Older children participate in off-site internships throughout the community to encourage early career exploration and skill development. Partners, students, and parents are highly satisfied with this element of the Service program and our school is known as a dependable source of help for community projects.

Grounded in the practice that assessment drives instruction, assessment is on-going and comprehensive. We administer the state mandated PARCC and the NJ ASK 4, 8 science tests. Additional assessment measures include Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA’s) and the Measuring Up software, which is a computerized program to support individualized math and ELA evaluation and skill development tool. Teacher-constructed performance evaluation is continuous.

Communication with parents is a focal point at our school. Teachers speak weekly with family members through Charter Chats and formal conferences are held four times per year. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to set up meetings with teachers and the administration at any time to maintain open sharing of ideas and concerns.

Our spacious and handsome school facility at 58 Oakland Street is the ideal space for our learning environment. The facility is composed of two historic buildings which creates a unique campus. Pupil interaction and learning opportunities are increased because we house all of our Pre K-8 community under one roof.

RBCS is the recipient of an impressive number of grants totaling over $1,000,000. We have also received awards totaling upward of $700,000. These resources allow us to provide a variety of activity-rich programs for our students.

RBCS has also been the proud recipient of the Department of Education Community Partnership Award, Department of Education Innovative Practices Award, and the NJ Service Learning Leader School Award. These recognitions, along with the acceptance of our students to competitive high school placements, to the numerous awards in local math competitions, Mock Trial, published written work, art contests, and the Young Scholars Program at the Schomberg Center attest to the successful implementation of our mission: all children can learn, all children must care about themselves and others, and all children should contribute to their larger community.