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The philosophy of Red Bank Charter School is to develop the most intellectually and emotionally stimulating environment possible for its students.  Our belief is that all children can learn and that the school community is obligated to ensure that they do so through a living curriculum grounded in the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, the three charter beliefs, and the individual needs of each child. Each curriculum reflects the needs and values of the school, draws on research about how children learn, and integrates the curriculum standards established by the state. Essential questions and big ideas have been identified for each area providing all students with the knowledge, skills, and understandings that will help each student function effectively in a global society.  We believe that curriculum must be continuously reviewed and adjusted to support each unique student population and overall student achievement.   It is essential to address all the intelligences; to provide a robust, rigorous curriculum in all the core content areas including the arts, and to provide support services and co-curricular activities to ensure that all children flourish.

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