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Character Ed

Education is integrated into everything we do. Ours is a positive,  constructive learning environment. Our code of conduct is grounded in  respect and cooperation rather than simple compliance. Our unique culture is  the essence, the heartbeat of our school. A wise student once observed:

"If we are really doing our mission, shouldn't we be able to feel it?" Yes, we  should. At RBCS, we do, as visitors often comment.

Through the implementation of a formal character education program, our children are provided with the necessary skills to interact peaceably with one another and other members of society. During the school year, children focus on ten character education values with one value assigned to each month of the school year. Under the umbrella of respect and responsibility the values include:

  • September: Cooperation
  • October: Persistence, Diligence, and Perseverance
  • November: Citizenship and Service
  • December: Acceptance and Fairness
  • January: Humor
  • February: Courage
  • March: Friendship
  • April: Honesty
  • May: Empathy and Caring
  • June: Self-Discipline

A multicultural literature selection for each grade level, from the Voices of Love and Freedom program, aligns with each monthly value and is read aloud and discussed with students in their classroom.

By teaching and modeling, learning and practicing the concepts and skills of the peaceable school, the staff, students and all members of the Red Bank Charter School community are in a unique position to bring constructive conflict resolutions skills into society.