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Red Bank Charter School
 PreK through Eighth Grade School

58 Oakland Street,  Red Bank, NJ  07701 
Office: 732-450-2092    Fax: 732-936-1923

School Goals


  • Demonstrate student achievement in reading, writing, speaking, and listening across all content areas. 
  • Utilize Social Emotional Learning approach to educate the whole child by maximizing individual student potential and learning.
  • Continue communite-wide positive support systems to enhance the school environment for all students, staff, and families.  


  • Utilize data to drive our decision-making process when it comes to individualizing student learning and creating measurable student goals to ensure academic success for all.
  • Implement Social Emotional Learning, focused on relationship skills, to create a positive climate and culture through the intentional promotion of inclusivity and positive relations among students, among teachers and staff, and between students and adults. 
  • Explore and discuss self-awareness as it relates to identity, culture, diversity, discrimination and equity through literacy development. 


  • Engage students in personlized, technology-empowered, deeper learning experiences that build life-long learning skills.
  • Implement Sheltered English Instruction in all content areas across all grade levels to support ELL students.
  • Improve classroom management techniques through consistent expectations PK-8.
  • Cultivate a strong waiting list through additional outreach, marketing, and branding.


  • Increase communication to all stakeholders regarding all things RBCS through the use of global calls, social media, the school website, and email.
  • Develop school-wide behavioral expectations and restorative practices to support the social and emotional development of all students to ensure a positive school culture.
  • Review, adapt, and make accessible the school curriculum to ensure proper sequence and pacing supportive of academic achievement across all content areas resulting in increased state assessment scores.